Program Location:

Cape Town, South Africa

Service-learning, immersion, mentorship, and collaboration with a global team.

Health Development

As a growing part of our G.I.F.T.E.D. (Greatness Initiative For Township Educational Development) community project, this pre-Health internship is designed for university undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 18-25 who are pursuing a career in health-related fields. The purpose of the OHS Health Development program is to democratize healthy living, or increase access to healthy choices, by mentoring our G.I.F.T.E.D. students using educational health interventions. Those selected to be part of the OHS Health Development team will engage with various levels of the local community on pressing issues related to community health. These engagements include fieldwork, visitation to local institutions, and seminars aimed at contextualizing your understanding of local determinants of health to promote effective mentorship.

Empower Future Health Professionals

Help aspiring young learners cultivate knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.

Contextualize Community Health

Develop a global perspective on health and healthcare through immersion and dialogue.

Innovate Health Care Solutions

Learn how innovation can alleviate social pressure, inequalities, and stigma in health care.

Program Fee

Tax deductible up to 88% for US residents, the program fee is not refundable. Members have the option making a single payment upon acceptance, or several monthly payments while fundraising.

Health Development2 week$3800


One Heart Source methodically designs experiences that connect, educate, and inspire. Our programs are safe and meaningful, and include:

Food and Drink

Delicious local and international cuisine


Secure, modern, fully-furnished apartment-style units

Safety and Security

24-hour on-call support for health emergency. On-call security at accommodation

Cultural Excursions

Trips to broaden your cultural understanding

Full-time In-country Leadership

Our international staff all have previous experience abroad

On-site Orientation

On-site training sessions to ramp you up quickly and effectively

In-country Transportation

Airport pick-up and drop-off, and all program-related trips


Easily communicate domestically and internationally

Mentorship Supplies

All materials required to be a successful mentor, including curriculums and supplies.

Not Included

Airfare, travel insurance, passport, and visa (for non US-citizens) are not included in the program fee but are required for participation.


We are currently accepting applications for a variety of 2-week programs in 2020

Positions are limited! We encourage you to be eligible for early acceptance by applying before October 31.

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June 1 - June 12
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