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Our mission is to end poverty in our lifetimes by designing high-quality global initiatives focused on education and health.

One Heart Source is a leader in bringing innovative experiential learning opportunities to university students and working professionals. Founded in 2008, we work in partnership with communities around the world to collaboratively design education and health initiatives that provide opportunities for youth and communities to thrive. Our programs offer our members and partners a meaningful, mutual learning experience that is challenging, rewarding, and uplifting. As a top-rated non profit for six years, all One Heart Source programs are designed with the highest safety and responsibility considerations for members, staff, and the communities we work with.

The G.I.F.T.E.D. Community

Greatness Initiative For Township Educational Development

The G.I.F.T.E.D. Community was established in partnership with Moravian Primary School, located in Hout Bay, Cape Town, in 2012 with the goal of providing high-quality academic support for students starting in grade 3 and through until they reach grade 12, at which point they will have access to choose to attend College or University.

Since 2012, our Community has grown from 20 students and families to nearly 100, and now includes students in grades 7-11. Our partnership spans one Primary and one High School, and actively includes parents/guardians, family members, teachers, mentors, and local community leaders to provide a web of care and support to each member of the G.I.F.T.E.D. Community. We adapt our academic model to support the most urgent needs of the students, which include English literacy, math, health education, personal and professional life skills, and community building.

Mentorship is…

Mentorship is a symbiotic relationship in which an experienced person (You) guides an individual (one of our GIFTED students) in their academic and professional development. Mentors provide two main sources of support: academic advancement and social networking. In the former, the mentor acts as a tutor and academic advisor. In the latter, the mentor acts as a role model for the mentee and encourages friendship, connection and personal growth.

Mentorship is an important part of childhood development. Effective mentorship has been shown to have positive effects on academic achievement, self-confidence, and life wellness. A lack of mentoring, on the other hand, has been shown to hinder academic success and community development. A reliable mentor or mentors is one of the most important systems of support in a student’s web of care. This organization, therefore, requires all accepted persons to follow and internalize our expectations, goals, and values during their mentorship experience in order to foster an environment of quality learning and growth.


  • OHS has a distinguished record of service in its partner schools and communities worldwide. It is of the utmost importance that this trust and responsibility be maintained. All staff and mentors are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct can result in removal from participation at any point in the program in order to maintain safety, security and well-being of everyone involved in the organization.


  • Create a safe and non-discriminatory environment for our students to develop academically, personally, and professionally.

  • Provide academic support so that 100% of our students advance to the next grade.

  • Alleviate the burdens of social determinants so that our students can pursue their academic and professional goals.

Core Values

Our Core Values are internalized by our staff, students, and mentors to provide a grounding platform upon which we can mutually uplift and inspire each other to be great.

  1. Embrace creativity, curiosity, & individuality

  2. Pursue greatness

  3. Exhibit a Growth Mindset

  4. Respect yourself and each other

  5. Take pride in your work

  6. Manage conflict with reconciliation

  7. Act with integrity and take responsibility

  8. Contribute to a greater good

  9. Ask questions and enhance knowledge

  10. Have fun!


From arrival to departure, safety is our top priority.


Top-rated non-profit for 6 years


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