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You are elemental in planting the seed for change. 

Whether it is through volunteering, donating, or raising awareness, your action brings us one step closer to a day when every child gets a chance to make the most of his or her life.  We stand by the belief that no one person can do everything, but everyone can do something.  There are many ways to get involved with OHS:


The direction of One Heart Source is guided by careful thought and planning, and volunteers are the motor that drives us forward.  It is the action of each individual volunteer that enables us to make an impact on children who have been left victim to the monumental shortcomings of a broken educational system.

Join One Heart Source in fighting inequality at a grassroots level by applying to volunteer in one of our many programs.  We work with a diverse group of motivated young people from around the world to help educate in a variety of topics including, but not limited to, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Health Education, and English.



Every dollar you donate goes directly towards helping those who need it most.  Whether you choose to sponsor one of our many community development projects or sponsor a child’s education, it is your generosity that allows us to provide the resources necessary to bring lasting social change to those whose life chances are severely limited by their environment.



At One Heart Source we believe that there is no substitute for action. While our volunteer programs may not be feasible for everyone, there are other ways to help support our work in sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Become a Campus Representative

-Help OHS raise awareness and recruit new volunteers at your university by advertising programs and raising awareness

-Gain valuable internship experience working in the non-profit field

-To apply, or learn more about the job description of a Campus Representative, e-mail

  • Organize a Fundraiser

-As a non-profit organization, fundraising is vital to our ability to sustain and improve upon our work in Tanzania and South Africa.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser for One Heart Source, please contact us at:

Raise Awareness

Awareness is the first step to action. Refer a Friend via Facebook or Email.

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