What are the barriers that lie in the way of an orphaned Tanzanian child rising to become top of their class at Harvard?  Whatever the difference is, we aim to deliver it.  OHS was founded as an academic-intensive children’s home, which means that intellectual pursuits lie at the very heart of this home.

The children of OHS attend high-quality local private schools, which provide the best educational resources locally available. Yet even these schools have their limitations.  As a center for learning, we cultivate self-respect and self-confidence, alongside a sense of scholarship, cosmopolitanism, and of course big dreams.




Extracurricular Academics

As an augment to daily school, the home contains a full classroom with two white boards, desks, chairs, a small library, and internet capability.  For the youngest and developmentally-delayed children, the classroom also contains Montessori-based educational toys and learning resources.


The Arts

We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and interactive learning in every aspect of life to help our kids develop into well-rounded, independent people. Music, dance, arts, and crafts emphasize these aspects of education by getting kids to think outside of the box and expand their imagination.

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