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South Africa is a place of stunning physical beauty and rich cultural history.  It is one of the most developed countries in all of Africa, and is home to many of the continent’s top universities.  However, despite all of its cultural and economic development, it was also home to some of the greatest civil injustices of the 20th century. Though apartheid rule nominally ended in 1994, the effects of this discriminatory political system are still evident in many spheres of South African life.


One Heart Source Volunteers will be working in the townships outside of Cape Town to provide some of the most disadvantaged students in the world with opportunities to excel academically and personally.  Our volunteer program offers university students from around the world an opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of many of South Africa’s youth by providing quality education both in and outside of the classroom.  Through a combination of teaching in schools and leading after-school programs in music, arts, dance, and sports, OHS volunteers will serve as leaders and mentors to many of South Africa’s most under-served students.


Teach Cape Town

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

Work within some of Cape Towns most impoverished townships to teach kids in a variety of topics ranging from HIV/AIDS awareness to English and mathematics.  Our educational initiative in the classroom focuses on the central issues that are specific to each different school and to the individual needs of the students.  Volunteers may teach subject-focused classes in math, English, and science as well as a general health education. By being taught in a variety of subjects, students learn to empower themselves through both academic and practical knowledge.

Through the use of alternative team teaching methods, volunteers will have a chance to bring a new style all their own to the classrooms of South Africa.  Volunteers will teach in groups of two or three allowing them to present information to students in a variety of creative ways.  These methods are used to keep students engaged and to allow discussion to flow, showing students that learning can be a fun, interactive experience.

After School

Work with South African teachers and students alike to lead and facilitate after-school programs that allow underprivileged students with an opportunity to develop their skills in an array of areas.  Students can get their creative juices flowing in programs focused on Music, Art, and Dance or they can improve their team-work and physical health through various sports education programs.

Peer Education Programs

Volunteers will also lead peer education initiatives, in which older students are given the opportunity to educate their younger peers about General Health and HIV Prevention.  Volunteers will serve as a guiding force and model for the students to learn from.  They will teach lessons in Health and HIV Prevention that the older students, who will then use what they have learned to then teach back to a younger group of students.  Volunteers will be advising students on not just what to teach but how to teach as well.  This method gives student the chance to improve their public speaking ability by learning to present information in a way that is both logically organized and captivating.

Cape Town Life

Volunteers will live together in a home just outside of the Townships they will be working in. Volunteers will have the opportunity to live and work with a diverse group of motivated young people from all over the world in a communal living environment. Three meals a day, consisting mostly of traditional South African cuisine, will be provided each day and prepared by a local cook. Living in a home with other driven young volunteers allows for the sharing of ideas to occur, and strengthens the overall ability of the group.

Program Dates

One Heart Source is an education-based pro­gram seek­ing dri­ven, enthu­si­as­tic stu­dents and college-age indi­vid­u­als who are cre­ative thinkers, eager learn­ers, and moti­vated to take action.

We are cur­rently tak­ing appli­ca­tions for 2015 vol­un­teer programs.


Programs in Cape Town, South Africa:

8-week EDUCATE Programs

8 week 1 5/25 - 7/17 $4600
8 week 2 7/20 - 9/11 $4600
8 week 3  9/14 - 11/6 $4600

4-week EDUCATE Programs

4 week A 4/20 - 5/15 $2800
4 week 1 5/25 - 6/19 $2800
4 week 2  6/22 - 7/17 $2800
4 week 3 7/20 - 8/14 $2800
4 week 4 8/17 - 9/11 $2800
4 week 5 9/14 - 10/9 $2800
4 week 6 10/12 - 11/6 $2800

2-week EDUCATE Programs

2 week A  5/25 - 6/5 $1800
2 week B 6/8 - 6/19 $1800
2 week C 6/22 - 7/3 $1800
2 week D 7/6 - 7/17 $1800
2 week E 7/20 - 7/31 $1800
2 week F 8/3 - 8/14 $1800
2 week G 8/17 - 8/28 $1800
2 week H 8/31 - 9/11 $1800
2 week I 9/14 - 9/25 $1800
2 week J 9/28 - 10/9 $1800
2 week K 10/12 - 10/23 $1800
2 week F 10/26 - 11/6 $1800


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and we advise you to apply as early as possible. There are limited volunteer spaces available in each program, and they fill up quickly. Also, applying early allows you to find out the status of your acceptance earlier and therefore have more time to fundraise your program fee and prepare for the program.


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